eLife Backup Features

One product, endless possibilities

eLife Backup brings powerful online backup, cloud storage, collaboration and sharing features to you, to your family and/or your business. It’s easy to use making it suitable for everyone – from one man business up to larger enterprises

Built for security. From the ground up.

Beautiful strong modular architecture.

All the modules, services and products are perfectly combined offering a robust complete security solution able to entirely protect your data instantly from the moment you suscribe to any plan.

You can get extra options or upgrade to superior plans nice and easy in just a few seconds. Unlimited online backup for your computers.

Add additional computers at any time. Just install and let us do the rest! Your files are backed up automatically and continually, as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

Encrypted copies of your files are transmitted to one of our state-of-the-art data centers, safe from computer glitches, hurricanes and everything in between.

Keep your files

eLifeBackup protects your precious files by keeping a copy safely online, in the cloud. It’s hassle-free, easy-to-install, completely secure – and backs up all your important files, no matter how many you’ve got!

Backup works quietly in the background to protect your files as you use your computer. You don’t need any technical knowledge, and it backs up all of your files continually adding new and changed files to the cloud.You can even backup your NAS drive or network storage location without worry.

You’ll have as much space as you need for snapshots, music, videos, emails,  financial documents, contracts and more.

Your online files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption to keep them safe. All of our servers are located into different datacenters so that your data is always close at hand.

Need to revert a change you made? File overwritten? No problem – we keep up to 30 versions of any file in the cloud and keep your deleted files for 30 days. Restore files or entire folders from the cloud at any time with one click.

View your files anywhere

Once you’ve backed up your files with Backup you can view them from anywhere – from any web browser, or from your mobile and tablet. Simply log in to view all of your files online and browse them just like you would on your PC.

You can view your photos and documents, and even listen to your music and watch your movies, wherever you are.

With the cloud, your files go where you go school, work, clients’ offices, airports, libraries, coffee shops – you name it.

We do not limit your transfer speeds or bandwidth, and our datacenters have super fast connectivity around the world.

Advanced features available if necesary

Include eLife Briefcase and get a personal storage space for your files. No need to keep them on local hard disk, no need to buy external drives. Briefcase appears as a new drive and is accessible from anywhere online or on your mobile.

Sync files between your computers

Briefcase appears as a new drive on your Mac or PC. You can use it like any other drive – drag and drop files and open them in your favourite apps – but it’s synced to the cloud and between all of your computers, so your files go with you anywhere.

Store whatever you want on your Briefcase. Files don’t need to be on your computers, and can be kept just in your cloud storage. You can even email files to your eLifeBackup account and we’ll upload them to your Briefcase for you.

Using multiple computers on the same network? eLife Backup will transfer files between computers directly over your local network, saving time and bandwidth.

One click sharing

Need to send large files to your friends, family or colleagues? No problems – with eLife Briefcase you can share files with one click.

Either share publicly with the whole world or share privately and securely with selected people – we’ll email them a username and password.

Advanced users can use FTP or SFTP to access their cloud storage, letting you access your files from an FTP client or automate uploads and downloads. You also get WebDAV access to your files, letting you view and edit files from within other apps – such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote on the iPad.

You can view and even edit files on your eLife Account from any web browser, and view them all on your mobile too. Even listen to your music and watch your movies anywhere you go! With eLife you really can access all of your files, all of the time, wherever you are.

Super fast performance

eLife Guardian’s industry-leading systems and software are designed to be super-fast and ultra-efficient. We don’t limit your upload or download speeds at all, and our software is fully optimised so that you won’t even notice it’s there.

Files are encrypted and transmitted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to one of our state-of-the-art data centers.

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