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Your files on all your devices, wherever you are. Collabora

Sync & Share is your powerful Business Briefcase, an optional cloud storage space for your files – and it comes from 512GB of online storage up to 100TB with the possibility to increase even more if required! With Business Briefcase you can sync files and folders between your coworkers,  access files remotely, share files with other businesses and collaborate on documents.

Business Essential Plan

Unlimited Backup. 512 GB Briefcase.
Best Price
  •  5 TB online backup storage
  • Unlimited Additional Backup Space
  •  512 GB Briefcase (Sync & Share)
  • Unlimited Additional Briefcase Space
  • Unlimited computers
  • Unlimited users
  • – No NAS included (available if required)
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Business Evolution Plan

Optimised for productivity
Best Price
  •  50 TB online backup storage
  • Unlimited Additional Backup Space
  • 2 GB Briefcase (Sync & Share)
  • Unlimited Additional Briefcase Space
  • Unlimited computers
  • Unlimited users
  • 3 NAS included
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Share and access anywhere

eLife Business Briefcase is our innovative, flexible and powerful access-anywhere product, that lets you Sync your work across all of your devices, collaborate with your co-workers, access files remotely anytime, anywhere, share files and folders with clients, partners and other businesses – all in one feature rich package.

eLife Briefcase is a storage space on our servers that can be used to keep files synchronised across multiple locations, or to simply store files online with or without keeping a copy on your local machine. You can even email files to your eLifeBackup account and we’ll upload them to your Briefcase for you. Also eLife business package allows you to use FTP, SFTP and/or WebDAV to transfer data to the Briefcase

Please note: FTP, SFTP or WebDAV can be used to copy data to Briefcase. If you wish to use this functionality to copy data from a NAS device, this should be set up as an archive or replacement for your NAS. However if you wish to sync your NAS files with eLife cloud servers, we recommend using eLife Backup option with a NAS bolt on.

With eLife Briefcase your files can be locally cached on your hard drive, as well as online, you will be able to use them when you’re not connected to the internet.

You can use files in your Briefcase like any normal file, edit and save it as you normally would but with the added benefit that if you change a file on one computer it is automatically updated and sync across all of your devices ( laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones) with the same eLife account.

You can view, upload new files, touching up photos, edit or delete files from your Briefcase anywhere in the world from your web browser being sure that you’ll have access to the latest version of your work, no matter what device you’re using.

Is There a File Size Limit When Uploading?

eLife does not have a file size limit when uploading files using your desktop software or via FTP, SFTP or Webdav. However there is a 2 GB limit when uploading to your Briefcase via your web portal.

What can you store in your business briefcase?

  • Easy to use
    Briefcase is an optional cloud storage space for your files. Use it like any other local drive and store as many files and folder as you need. No need to carry external drives. Instantly get as many additional storage space as needed.

  • Complete central administrator control
    With a business account you will instantly get a business cloud and an intuitive easy to use control panel to manage your plans.

  • Employees get their own cloud
    One administrator can create unlimited accounts for your employees and assign the amount of storage space they need. Also que be set by groups of users/departments.

  • Share files easily
    Share files and folder publicly with the whole world or share them privately and securely with selected people. No more large emails. Increase security and productivity.

  • Access files from any web browser
    Log in online to your eLife account to view your files and download them at any time.Browse them just like you would on your computer.

  • Edit files in your web browser
    Edit Office documents, tweak photos and upload new files to your cloud storage from any web browser.

  • Access up to 30 previous versions of any file
    Need to revert a change you made? File overwritten? No problem – we keep up to 30 versions of any file in the cloud.

  • Stream your music , watch presentation and movies
    Watch your presentation documents, watch your spots and listen to your music from your web browser or mobile device wherever you are.

  • Your files everywhere
    As long as you have an internet connection, your files and folders are synced between all your computers and goes with you wherever you are.

  • Lightspeed Local network transfers
    Using multiple computers on the same network? eLife will transfer files between computers directly over your local network, saving time and bandwidth.

  • Outstanding local support
    We’re proud to provide local based customer support. Our friendly representatives are standing by and waiting to help. Online, email and phone support available.

  • Affordable. Suits every budget.
    No extra fees for user accounts, no storage space is wasted.

  • Access files on your mobile device
    Free apps for iOS, Windows 8 and Android let you view your photos, music, movies and documents from anywhere! Optimised mobile site provided.

  • Send files to your favourite social networks
    Upload the photos from your briefcase  to Facebook and Flickr with one click . Easy and Secure online file storage that sets your files free!

  • Restore deleted files
    We keep online your deleted files for 30 days. Restore files or entire folders from the cloud at any time with just one click.

  • Super fast transfers
    We do not limit your transfer speeds or bandwidth, and our data centers have super fast connectivity around the world.

  • 100% safe and secure
    Your online files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption to keep them safe. All of our servers are located into different datacenters so that your data is always close at hand.

  • Unlimited file size
    We do not limit the file size when uploading file to your Business briefcase using the eLife desktop software or via FTP, SFTP or Webdav.

  • Works on Mac and Windows
    Get exactly the same experience on your Mac and Windows computers. Requires Windows XP or later, and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.

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20 days of unlimited backup space for one computer

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