When you succeed, we succeed, and the eLife Channel Program is designed to help you do just that.

As a channel-only solutions provider, our Partners are our biggest asset.

Ready to start selling Full System Continuity to Businesses of Every Size? Online backup, cloud storage and collaboration tools are a massive growth industry. Grab your niche in the marketplace as an eLife partner and start selling instantly.

Resellers, VAR, MSP

Do you want to offer online backup, secure sharing and collaboration to your customers? Increase customer relationships and grow revenues by joining the eLife Partner Program.

eLife Channel Program

eLife Backup solutions are sold exclusively through the distribution channel. Ready to start selling full system continuity to your customers and increase your business today?

Strategic Partners, OEM

Join and increment your sales by offerings your customized eLife protection plans in bundle with your own products. Cutting-Edge Security.
Low Maintenance Costs. High Profitability.

Cloud is growing fast. Make sure your business is set to grow with the cloud.

Users and businesses are creating more data than ever, and the value of that data is increasing. Simultaneously, there are more risks of losing data. In eLife we deliver everything a partner need to deploy, provision and sell cloud backup, data protection and recovery services, sharing services and full system continuity to businesses of every size, from enterprises to SMB companies and individuals.

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Make your customers happy. Recurring Revenue for life. Competitive Pricing and high margins.

Your customers will always be yours. eLife will never contact your customers for any reason but will give you all the necessary tools to successfully monitor and manage and retain your clients. Control everything from the web. Instant setup for everything.

Start selling in minutes.

Create valuable long term relationships with your customer.

Add industry leading services to your own offerings easily and cost-effectively. Create  customised data protection plans to can offer to your customers even in bundles with your products and services. Excellent support.

Expand your portfolio. Expand your profitability.

Why eLife Channel Program?

Here are some of the reasons that might convince you why eLife is an excellent business opportunity.

  • Industry Leading Solutions
    eLife’s award winning backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions are offered exclusively through our Channel Partners.

  • Scalable, tailored solutions
    With an extensive product line, you’ll be able to find the perfect plan for every client. And, should their needs expand, eLife can match their growth quick and easy in just a few minutes from your management console.

  • Easy monitoring and management
    Our easy-to-use centralised dashboard is the key to successfully monitoring and managing all of your customers’ accounts.

  • Excellent Product. High customer satisfaction.
    Let your customers stay focused on what’s important to them without ever worry about loosing their precious data. Setup in minutes. Instant protection.

  • Instant online activation.
    Don’t worry about loosing a selling opportunity. Generate licences in real time, send the licence to your customers and he will get activated in seconds.

  • Rewards for your Success
    The higher status you achieve in the Program, the greater the benefits. The tiers are determined by the amount of sales you have per year.

  • Partner Management Console
    Centralized dashboard for rapid deployment, monitoring and management of the distribution channel.

  • Enhanced customer relationships
    Create valuable long term relationships with your customer. Generate and deliver custom data protection plans that suits the real needs of your customers and adapted to their budget.

  • Expand your profitability
    Create special bundle packs combining your products with our cutting-edge security solutions and increment your sales.

  • Competitive Pricing
    Partnering with eLife means that you will always get very competitive pricing and will never experience hidden fees that influence your profitability.

  • Lifetime Recurrent. Protected Revenues
    Success comes when results are directly and generously rewarded. Our partners earn high margins and bonuses for outstanding performance and what’s most important your customers will always be yours.

  • High Retention Rates
    With our high customer satisfaction and retention rates, creating a solid business base has never been easier.

  • Reseller support
    Our local based support team is on-hand to address any questions or needs you may have. All reseller channel partners get direct access to dedicated technical support reps.

  • Lead Generation. High Conversion
    We offer FREE trials so users start testing our services. People you get to a free trial are very likely to become paying customers.

  • Outstanding local support
    Our support team are passionate about customers, and will get back to you on any issue within 24 hours. Our partners have priority support.

  • Automated Monthly Billing
    Subscription based licensing model will be charged monthly counting only the active subscriptions licences of all your plans.

  • Keep costs to a minimum
    Full System Continuity to Businesses of Every Size. Customers won’t be calling for extra support and maintenance. Our cost-effective online backup solutions simply work.

  • Sales & marketing materials
    We want to help you sell. That’s why will provide all the marketing and sales resources and materiales that you might need and of course our specialists consultancy.



Apply today to the  eLife Channel Partner Program. It’s quick, easy and FREE.
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If you qualify, a member of the eLife Channel Program team will contact you, and get you connected with the appropriate selling resources and our unique eLife console.


Start making money in minutes with your custom data protection plans and subscription-based licensing model.
Lifetime Recurrent & Protected Revenues

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